Selena Gomez finally explained the meaning behind “Bad Liar”

It’s great when musicians use their own life experiences for their music. Selena Gomez revealed the meaning of “Bad Liar,” her most recent tune, and it turns out that the inspiration behind it is something we can all relate to. As it turns out, it’s all about having a powerful crush.

Gomez chatted about the song in an interview with Power 96.5 FM, and now we’re feeling more inclined to put it on loop.

"'Bad Liar' kind of tells a story of that feeling when you’re obsessed with someone, when you are in the 'honeymoon phase,' I like to say," she said. "I’m a sucker for that feeling."

Just last week, Gomez released the audio on YouTube.

We love how dreamy it is. Gomez’s vocals are pretty much identical to “girl in love.” The music video snippet she posted on Instagram is equally incredible.

She said that she wrote “Bad Liar” from the perspective of a girl really “trying and trying and trying” to keep her cool — a feeling that Gomez totally gets.

It’s nice to know that even though her loves have been somewhat public knowledge (all part of being a star) she still feels the same way that we do about boyfriends, crushes, and falling in love.

"This is what I’m feeling in this exact moment, and you don’t know how to play it cool. I’m not natural, I’m very much 'This is who I am and this is kind of what you get,' and it’s worked out for me so far," she said.

According to Gomez, she started writing the song last year — so it might not be about her recent love, The Weeknd.

The two started making public appearances together this January, and seem to be going strong. In fact, the song might just be the soundtrack to the honeymoon phase they still seem to be in!

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