Selena Gomez is celebrating her pint-size fan who brought ALL the car-dancing moves to “Same Old Love”

We love stars who give it up for their fans (i.e. Taylor Swift every day of her life). Today in “Pop Stars: They’re  Sweet Just Like Us!” news, E! reports that Selena Gomez just shared an adorable vid of a little girl dancing in the backseat to Selena’s latest jam “Same Old Love.” This girl has moves for days, and we’re sure it made Selena the happiest to see a kid getting so much out of her music. And Selena’s caption for the vid is perfect. She’s absolutely right, it’s not about the fame or fortune or the fancy dresses. Right, of course it’s a LITTLE bit about that, but what it’s REALLY about for an artist is creating things that people will appreciate on a deep and true level. And this little girl is appreciating the bejeezus out of Selena Gomez’ new song (we’re so glad her dad snuck a vid!)

We’re so glad that this song has been bringing so much joy to Selena’s biggest fans (See: all the hardcore fans that got to star in the music video). Props to Selena for being so good to her girls.

Okay, it’s video time. Watch below, and get ready to crib some of these moves for yourself.


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