Selena Gomez just dropped a truth bomb about the downsides of the Internet

For a space that’s constantly changing, the Internet sure does get hung up on a lot of old information. Selena Gomez knows the feeling. She took to Instagram to express her frustration with feeling like she’s been pigeonholed into being a certain kind of person, when actually the 22-year-old has grown and is ready to move on from old expectations.

This is especially applicable to her, um, situation with Justin Bieber. A source shares that Selena hates being known as Justin Bieber’s girlfriend:

This is totally understandable. Selena has achieved so much on her own that it’s unfair that all her accomplishments are overshadowed by someone she may or may not be dating. What makes her an incredible person is her talent and drive. Her boyfriends shouldn’t take the spotlight. So Selena is setting the record straight:

What a good mantra to live by. You do you, Selena. We can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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