Selena Gomez dancing with this 6-year-old who has a rare bone marrow disease is everything

Audrey Nethery, a six-year-old with a rare bone marrow disease, might just be the most famous dancer out there. After a video of her absolutely killing it at Zumba went viral (as of now, it has over 13 million views), every celeb wanted a chance to rock out with the little superstar. Now, it’s Selena Gomez’s turn.

“Finally got to meet this sweetheart,” Selena captions the photo. “She owned it fully.”

In the video, the two dance and sing along to the Selena Gomez hit, “Love You Like A Love Song.” At the end, Selena asks for a hug from the little superstar, and she happily obliges.

It makes sense that she and Selena Gomez hit it off, because Audrey’s inspiration for what she does is Selena’s BFF Taylor Swift. According to NBC News, Taylor’s enthusiasm for everything she does is what keeps Audrey grooving. “I just thought I would start singing to maybe put a little bit of passion and spirit in me to help me fight off my disease,” she said.

Specifically, Audrey suffers from Diamond-Blackfan anemia, a super rare bone marrow disorder. She was diagnosed at only two months old, but has lived the past six years of her life proving that she won’t let the disease hold her back.

Watch Audrey in action at Zumba below!

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