Selena Gomez’s cuddly pic with The Weeknd is your daily reminder that they are goals

Just because they happen to be celebrities doesn’t mean that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd don’t enjoy some very normal couple downtime together. On his Instagram story, The Weeknd posted a photo of Gomez cuddling up to him while he played video games.

In almost stereotypical boyfriend fashion, the “Starboy” singer seemed to be more enthralled with his gaming than his girlfriend. But The Weeknd captioned the photo “home,” which tells us that after beating whatever level he was on, the singer was very appreciative of the love.

Meanwhile, our hearts have melted. Can someone please get some paper towels?


The couple has been going strong publicly since January when they first stepped out together at the 2017 Met Gala. Gomez and The Weeknd have kept their relationship on the down low thus far, treating themselves to private low-key date nights.

For example, the celeb duo recently sat in on a comedy show at West Hollywood’s Laugh Factory on August 11th. Their date nights are so laid-back, we almost think there’s a chance they would accept our double date offer.

The four of us could go the beach and grab some casual dinner afterwards. Thoughts, Selena and Abel?

And remember when you guys went to the aquarium? We’d love to do that again with you guys. We might even be able to scrounge up a Groupon for it!

We just adore celebrity couples who aren’t shy about showing their love, especially when it seems just as normal as what the rest of us non-celebs experience.

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