Selena Gomez confirmed a new album is on the way

We’ve heard a ton of new singles this year, but it’s been unclear as to whether or not singer Selena Gomez will release a new album — especially since she’s had somewhat of a busy year. Not only did Gomez go through a somewhat public breakup with The Weeknd, but she underwent a kidney transplant with her close friend Francia Raisa to help her in her struggle against lupus. Honestly, we’re shocked music was even on her mind.

Gomez confirmed the news this morning on BBC’s The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw. The album, which the singer said was influenced by a lot of her experiences this year, will be released next year.

“There is no might, there is an album,” Gomez confirmed. “And I think it’s fair to say that people know the year I’ve had, and I’ve poured my heart into my music and I wanted it to be fresh. It wasn’t really about charts for me or numbers. It was more just about what I could creatively do for my music. Yes, I can successfully say that my inspiration for this next album is in full motion and it will be very soon.”

It sounds like Gomez wants to make sure her new tunes reflect her journey, and we can’t be happier for her.

While her singles have been on everyone’s go-to playlists this year, this’ll be the first studio album that Gomez has released since  2015’s Revival. And she’s not just talk — the star also posted a photo on Instagram where she’s at the mic.

This album is making us look forward to 2018 even more.

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