Selena Gomez just released three bonus tracks off the deluxe version of Rare—listen now

Selena Gomez fans: The singer just gave you a pre-weekend treat. Gomez released the deluxe version of her album Raretoday, April 9th, and it includes three bonus tracks. (Music makes social-distancing weekends way better.) The bonus tracks are titled “Boyfriend,” “She,” and “Souvenir.” So now we’re adding three more tracks to the original 13 that we played on repeat when Rare first came out. Happy Thursday, indeed.

Gomez announced the news on Instagram on April 7th. The singer didn’t gloss over the lighthearted nature of her music (specifically “Boyfriend”) in comparison to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Her announcement post included two photos: the deluxe album cover art and a text block with her comments on the current global crisis.

Gomez has been vocal about her excitement surrounding the release of “Boyfriend,” but she also wanted to be upfront with her fans.

“We wrote this long before our current crisis, but in the context of today, I want to be clear that a boyfriend is nowhere near the top of my list of priorities,” Gomez wrote.

“Just like the rest of the world, I’m praying for safety, unity, and recovery during this pandemic,” she added. In keeping with that, the singer announced that she will donate $1 to the Plus 1 COVID-19 Relief Fund for every purchase made at her official store.

But onto the deluxe Rare album: We’re loving this less-is-more cover art. It’s an up-close look at Gomez’s Rare neck tattoo, her bold red lip, and a grainy overlay that’s creating a vintage vibe. What more could you need?

Now, let’s dive into the music. “Boyfriend” moves to Track 1 on the deluxe version of Rare. It’s full of synth beats, breathy confessions, and repetition of the relatable desire for a boyfriend. But it’s not just a cry for a man. Gomez admits that some nights she wants a boyfriend, but she’s well aware that she doesn’t need one because she’s enough on her own. Yep, we’ll be singing this before going out with our friends once it’s safe to do so again.

Next is “Souvenir,” a romantic tune that’s our personal favorite.

The song takes us back in time with references to 1993 Bordeaux, raunchy flings in hotel rooms, and soaring melodies. Finally, in “She,” Gomez looks back on herself as a young star in Hollywood and reflects on what she wishes she could tell the younger version of herself. She sings, “Wish I could tell her / She was a girl with good intentions”.

It’s been three months since Gomez dropped her highly anticipated album Rare, which marked her first new music release in five years. Needless to say, fans were thrilled by Gomez’s return to the music scene. These three bonus tracks prove that she’s back and better than ever.

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