Selena Gomez’s birthday pic just broke an insane record on Instagram

In case you missed it, July 22nd was Selena Gomez’s 26th birthday. The pop star celebrated with a few close friends (and with virtual well-wishes from bestie Taylor Swift, who wasn’t able to make the festivities). However, it seems as though Gomez now has something else to celebrate.

According to Cosmopolitan, the birthday photo and accompanying message she posted to her Insta account on July 23rd broke the record for one million likes in the least amount of time in Instagram history. How much times was that, you ask? A mere 13 minutes. Yep — one million people showed their appreciation for the star in about as long as it takes most of us to brew a cup of coffee.

As of writing this article on July 24th, aka one day later, the post has over eight million likes.

This also means Gomez broke Beyoncé’s former record of fastest post to reach one million likes when Bey posted a pregnancy portrait of herself in February 2017.

In reality, it’s not all that surprising that Gomez would be the person to break an Insta record like this, because she’s technically the most-followed person on the app with approximately 139 million followers. However, it’s arguably unexpected (and impressive AF) that she broke a record with a relatively innocuous birthday post, and it’s a true testament to her icon status.

Bowing down to the Insta queen.

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