Selena Gomez rode her bike past a high school and chaos naturally ensued

Yesterday, Selena Gomez and her assistant rode their bikes around the neighborhood blasting “Wolves” and having a grand old time when Gomez was like, “let’s ride by the school and see what happens.” In a series of Insta Stories posted by her assistant, the girls rode their bikes outside a school, kids lost their minds, fans screamed and ran, and Gomez’s security showed up.

“So, Selena made me go by this high school, and she thought she wouldn’t get noticed,” her assistant says in the videos with an eye roll.

It all started when Gomez and her assistant got new bikes.


Naturally, they wanted to take them for a spin.

But once they approached the school, things got cray. false

Lol, the kids running on the other side of the fence is too much. false

Because Gomez is a saint, she stopped and took photos with the kids.

Can we talk about this girl in the background of the first photo though?

Gomez’s assistant documented the whole thing on Insta Stories, which you can watch in full below. false

They call it a high school, but these kids look super young, *shrugs* whatever.

In the last few months, Gomez has had a kidney transplant, broke up with her boyfriend of nearly a year, and reconnected with her on-off ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. After all of that, we’d be a mess, so it’s nice to see Gomez enjoying herself on a ridiculous bike ride around Los Angeles.

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