Selena Gomez went to her best friend’s bridal shower, and the pictures are so adorably normal

For most people in this world, having Selena Gomez show up to your bridal shower would be a pretty huge thing. But for Courtney Barry, Gomez is just one of the girls. Gomez attended Barry’s bridal shower over the long MLK Day weekend, and if we didn’t already know that Gomez was an A-lister, we never would have guessed a celeb stood among the crowd.

"A few of my perfect girls threw me a perfect shower," Barry captioned an Instagram post featuring several Polaroid pictures from the event.

Gomez, who is taking some time away from the spotlight after finishing up a treatment program in December, posed with friends in a high-collared red dress.

Barry and Gomez (along with Raquelle Stevens and Ashley Cook) have been besties for almost a decade, and Gomez gushed about Barry back in August after the girls got matching tattoos for Barry’s 26th birthday.

“And lastly, my actual #1 @courtneyjbarry you are an incredible woman,” Gomez captioned her August 2018 Instagram picture. “The way you handle life’s most confusing moments is indescribable and graceful. You are moved by the littlest stories to the most heartbreaking ones, you will give someone your perfume if they say you smell nice, you are freaking hilarious and always stand firm in your faith, a loving sister, an amazing friend and a beautiful daughter. You are the definition of FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made baby!”

We’re low-key obsessed with this girl gang, and the FOMO is real.

So much congrats to Barry on her engagement.

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