Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar” music video is not at all what we expected

We’ve been waiting since the track was released, so we were SUPER excited to see Selena Gomez drop her “Bad Liar” music video…but it’s not at all what were expecting.

First of all, the music video is set in the’ 70s, which gives it a totally cool and unique aesthetic that we love. But the real surprise is when you realize that Selena Gomez isn’t just playing the high school girl who stars in the video — she also plays her own creepy ’70s dad, the hot gym teacher her creepy dad is hitting on, and her own ’70s mom. Selena plays four roles! It was a little jarring to see the singer flirting with herself in crazy wigs, but as with everything she does, she pulls it off perfectly.

The whole video is weird, and unexpected, and totally delightful. Plus, it has the best twist at the end.

We obviously loved “Bad Liar” even before the music video, but now we love it even more. The music video follows a seemingly love-sick high school-age Selena Gomez watching a creepy guy with a mustache (also Selena Gomez) flirt with her blonde gym teacher (also also Selena Gomez.) While at first you’re like, why is Selena Gomez into this weird old man, you slowly start to wonder if it’s maybe the gym teacher who catches her eye…

…Spoilers ahead…

Which is definitely confirmed when she goes home for the day and you realize the creepy guy is her father. She has a little dance party in her room, and then pulls out a polaroid of the gym teacher, making it totally clear who she’s actually pining over. We love it!

BRB, watching it twenty more times before lunch.

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