Prepare yourselves for Selena Gomez’s ridiculously cute first audition tape

By now, we all know Selena Gomez as a hugely successful 24-year-old singer and actor who frequently inspires us by baring her heart, changing her hair styles, and stepping out with a casual-chic vibe.

But remember the golden days of yesteryear, when Gomez was just an innocent, cherub-faced Disney star who had credits in shows like Hannah MontanaBarney & Friends, Ramona and Beezus, and a million more things? No? well, we’ve got a refresher right here.

That’s right, it’s Selena Gomez’s first-ever Disney audition tape!

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If you think Gomez is confident now, well, she was confident when she was 11 years old, too. And stylish! Little Gomez sports a poncho (trendy before her time!), and undeniably, she slays.

Besides all that, Gomez has an attitude like a #ladyboss. After mentioning to the casting director how she went along to a Barney audition without any prior acting experience (by the way, she booked that job) she says flat out, “Ever since I’ve got more confidence with myself. I mean, I don’t care if I don’t get this, but it would be awesome, it would be a fun experience. But I’m not gonna cry if I don’t get it.” 

All this professionalism and sass at just over a decade on this Earth! It’s mind-boggling.

Even if you’re not a Selena Gomez fan, this tape is essential viewing.

It’s fascinating to see how much star-power Gomez projected at that super young age, and yet, she was also still a normal pre-teen. Asked what she does in her spare time, Gomez answers, “Hang out with my friends,” with a big smile. Awwwww.

Just for a reminder, modern-day Selena Gomez (who once dated Justin Bieber) looks like this now.

And due to her colossal fame, photographers are after her 24/7. Now you can say you saw here where the magic all began.

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