Selena Gomez wore one of Justin Bieber’s shirts to his hockey game

Okay, you’ve probably heard the news that these two rekindled their friendship. But the sweetest part of the story is that Selena Gomez wore one of Justin Bieber’s hockey jerseys to watch him play hockey. Clothes sharing? Now that’s friendly.

To catch you up, she attended the scrimmage after a string of activities with the Biebs that included breakfast together over the weekend and a chill bike ride. Wearing someone else’s clothes is usually a pretty intimate gesture, and we know she’s broken up with The Weeknd…so is romance brewing again?

Let’s not jump to conclusions.

Suffice it to say, we’re glad to see Gomez out and about and seemingly enjoying herself. She’s been recovering from a kidney transplant and laying low, and she deserves to enjoy herself with an old friend if she so chooses.

Seriously though, who could forget how impossibly cute they were?

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And the impossibly cute things they said?

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And now, who could resist this doe-eyed face?

Okay, okay, we’re getting way ahead of ourselves. At the end of the day, the fact that Bieber and Gomez are hanging out is a powerful reminder that ex’s can be friends. They dated off and on for several years and both came of age in a pretty insane industry  — so they’ve no doubt established a strong foundation.

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Here’s to their continued blossoming friendship, and who knows what the future will hold. Well, maybe they know. But no pressure to share details, guys. You do you, whatever that may be.

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