Selena Gomez’s simple but perfect advice on feeling good about ourselves

Being under the media microscope as a young woman can be brutal. Selena Gomez, who’s had to shut down her share of bullies, knows this all too well. Filtering out the negativity and staying confident in who you are requires so much strength and resilience. In fact, such is true whether you’re famous or not. So this week, Gomez, dropped some real wisdom, during an interview with Elle, on what it takes to stay strong in the face of negativity.

Selena may have gotten her start as a Disney star, but she’s since gone on to prove she’s a stand-alone talent with some serious singing skills. That, of course, hasn’t saved her from the vicious rumor mill that keeps the Internet afloat. Most recently, she’s been the target of online bullies and gossip sites, picking apart everything from her looks to her relationship status.

Worse yet, she’s had to face down body-shamers (which is totally outrageous and awful), and she’s done just that with her usual grace and style—recently posting a body positive selfie that shut up the haters.

Now in Elle, she has shared how she keeps herself grounded despite the swirling feedback machine.

“It’s about being strong, which means being comfortable with who I am,” she tells the magazine. “I think women, especially my age, can relate. You’re figuring out who you are and there are so many different levels of emotions that you go through. The best is when you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable with yourself.”

Well said, Selena.

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