Here’s what Selena Gomez says about a potential “13 Reasons Why” cameo

Although she isn’t in it, Selena Gomez was the executive producer for 13 Reasons Why…and a lot of us have been wondering about the reasons why Selena wasn’t in it in the first place. She did contribute to the show musically and as the producer had some creative input, but since we know Selena first as an actress from the Disney Channel, it is a little surprising that she didn’t make room for herself in Netflix’s latest hit. In a recent interview, she was asked why she didn’t make an appearance, and if she would consider a cameo in the future — and her explanation actually makes a lot of sense.

"Originally when we got the book seven years ago, I was creating it with my mother to actually be in it, but I thought it would just be a distraction from what the message really was," she told Music Choice.

When asked specifically, “will you ever make a cameo appearance?” she replied:

“I don’t know, people always ask me that, I haven’t really thought about it.”


Since the material covered in 13 Reasons Why is incredibly sensitive, we totally respect Selena Gomez’s careful attention to making sure the message she put out was the one she intended. And while we don’t necessarily agree that having Selena in it would’ve distracted from it, we do understand how casting a ~big name star~ can often feel like a gimmick, and detract from a piece overall.

Plus, the cast of 13 Reasons Why was all around pretty phenomenal, so we can’t complain about who the roles ended up with. false

Although there are some legitimate complaints about the way the subject matter was handled, we love that Selena Gomez made the project so much her own, and is so proud of her work. It’s a huge undertaking and a great achievement for her!

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