Things you never noticed in Seinfeld’s apartment

Remember a while back when television became a reality, and Friends‘ Central Perk became a real spot on the map? Now as another great TV show prepares to embark into steaming territory, it’s time to make another location a reality: Jerry’s apartment from Seinfeld.

Hulu is bringing every single Seinfeld to our streaming devices (in fact, they’re all there  RIGHT NOW), and in honor of that, why not recreate an iconic location? If you happen to be in the New York City area, you’re in luck. Hulu recreated an exact replica of the set of Jerry’s apartment at Milk Studios. It’s just like the real thing, right down to the stocked pantry.

Thanks to some videos of the recreated apartment blowing up online, we were able to snag some closeup shots of what’s really in Jerry’s apartment (at least the new one, in real NYC.) Here’s what we discovered.

Jerry loved his Honeycomb. In fact, he ate all our fave childhood cereals.

Coco Puffs, Lucky Charms, Trix, APPLE JAX, PEOPLE.

An eclectic group of VHS tapes. Seriously, take a closer look.

Back to the Future, The Crying Game, Pretty Woman (because Jason Alexander was the “villain” in Pretty Woman, remember). Wired, the story of John Belushi, is a comedy homage. Ditto Benny Hill. But what’s he doing with a copy of Child’s Play 2?

Superman references abound

Seinfeld legend has it that there’s a Superman reference in every episode, whether it’s an actual image of him/Clark Kent, or he’s discussed. Some say it’s not true, others swear by it. I’ll let you know if there really is a Superman in every episode or not after I’m done with my Seinfeld re-binge.

A King Kong poster

Bonus feature, a delightfully fake NYC skyline.

Jerry’s Green Bike

Hold up, over 169 episodes, did it ever come off the wall?

Also, check out his collection of board games (Pictionary! Trivial Pursuit! Balderdash!) and the woefully outdated CD player with a built in cassette dock. Is this the ’90s or what?

And, don’t forget about the marvelous retro desktop computer — except, as our friends at Mashable pointed out, Jerry used a Mac, not a PC.

The couch

Pretty sure this same style is currently sold at Ikea, and also in blue, if you really want to go for the whole Seinfeld effect. On the coffee table, we’ve got an issue of the New Yorker, and a quite-dated landline that cannot take a selfie.

The other parts of the apartment double as a Seinfeld museum, where you can see other iconic props and things from the series (like, The Tweety Bird Pez).

The apartment is open every day from 10am to 7pm at Milk Studios, but get there fast. It’s set to close on June 28th.

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(Images via USA Today, Rolling Stone, NBC)

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