Segregation Is All Around Us

Congratulations – it’s the weekend! From marriage equality and addressing body image issues to a coach physically assaulting and spewing vitriol at his players, the week was filled with multiple highs and lows.

This week also marked the anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. Sadly, one of this week’s WTF stories reveals we’ve still got quite a ways to go before his dream is 100% reality. Here’s to the first April edition of “The Week In WHAT?!

Separate and Anything but Equal

We’re living in 2013, but that’s apparently a hard pill to swallow for one town in Georgia. Some students of Wilcox County High School in south Georgia are hoping to become change agents by organizing the school’s first ever integrated prom. Yes, the school currently hosts a separate “whites-only” prom that doesn’t allow students of other ethnic or racial backgrounds to attend. However, it’s some dedicated students that are starting to fight back. Since the Wilcox County High School doesn’t host an official “school sponsored” prom, a group of girls (with the help of their parents) is attempting to legally sponsor an integrated dance. Sadly, a lack of motivation to the change is making their effort more difficult. No matter what, they’ll host the “integrated” dance on April 27. Sounds like a change is gonna come to Wilcox!

Bacon, Bacon Everywhere?!

Nothing puts you in the mood quite like the combination of the salty and savory taste of bacon. At least, that’s what J&D’s is hoping! The bacon friendly brand recently unveiled it’s latest product: the bacon condom. So, if you’re looking for a new way to spice things up in the bedroom, look no further! For those of you with dietary restrictions such as keeping kosher or vegetarian, most of the J&D bacon products are both. The bigger issue might be the wait as the bacon condom was so popular, it’s already sold out. However, for those feeling impatient, the company also offers a bacon flavored lubricant, which is not only veggie friendly but vegan friendly as well. Any April Fool’s joke can become a reality if enough people actually express an interest!

Those Sounds: They Are Deceiving!

Police in Putnam County, Tennessee recently responded to a call from someone expressing concern after hearing an alleged cry for help from a fellow human. Turns out the cries were actually coming from a nearby goat that got stuck in a fence. Surprisingly, it’s not the first time local officials encountered a goat that sounded like a person. Though to be fair, anyone could easily be fooled. If you don’t believe that, listen for yourself:

Where Are All the Women?!

Everyone knows that the most important part of a tribute to women… is the men. JUST KIDDING! Of course, it certainly wasn’t a laughing matter when Haligonian (yes, that’s the correct term for people from Halifax, Nova Scotia) commuters questioned an ad from Mount Saint Vincent University. The ad featured the slogan “we celebrate remarkable women…” yet the visual image that accompanied the words was of three gentleman flashing their pearly whites. A spokesman insists that the university wanted to reach a different audience since most of the previous donors to the advertised project were women. Well, as the saying goes, “behind every great woman…”

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

Image via Jezebel.