As Seen on TV: ‘Revenge Infinity Box’

We’re back with a remake from another one of our favorite TV shows! Last time, we made a fringetastic sweatshirt from Parks and Recreation and today we’re heading to the Hamptons to craft what might be the most important piece from Revenge. That’s right, we’re DIY-ing Emily Thorne’s all-important infinity box that holds all her revengeful secrets.

Since Revenge began three years ago, it’s become a Sunday staple. And, let’s be honest – it’s totally allowing me to live vicariously through Emily Van Camp, from the makeout seshes with Daniel Greyson to the total kickass battles with well, 80% of the rest of the cast. I mean who doesn’t want to battle it out in the name of family? Save yo daddy’s legacy, girrrrrrl!!

The faux shootings, the faux identities (RIP the faux Amanda Clarke), the faux proposals… Nothing like a show based on lies!! Lies I say, lies!! Primetime soap opera, sign this gal up. Plus the wardrobe is pretty much off the charts. Now today’s project doesn’t involve clothing (quel dommage – we’ll revisit this again with something totes Hamptons-apropos) but it is something that has become a character in itself as it contains all the blacklisted folk Emily needs to take care of. The infinity box has the fate of many people sealed inside because basically, if you’re in this box, you’re gonna be DOA at some point.

Now it’s up to you what you want to keep in the box… I think I’m going to go for things that are bubble gummy, and unicorny, and dreamy, because I don’t want karma to come back and bite me in the tush and perhaps end up in the water like Em did a few weeks ago. I’m a good swimmer, but I don’t know how long I’d be able to hang onto that buoy!

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need:

1. Wood soldering kit (The Darice kit I used is a steal at $14!)

2. Wooden box (I used a 8-1/4 x 5-5/8 chest)

3. Wood stain (I went with a lovely Golden Pecan shade)

I started off by looking online for an infinity symbol template that matched the one from the actual box.

Once I found my template, I printed it out and tested out the location on the top of the box.

Next I trimmed the template to make it easy to trace on the top of the box…

…and then prepped my wood burning tool by finding the right tip, screwing it in, and putting it on the stand that it came with.

(*Be SUPER careful with this puppy because it’s hot. Like 900 degrees Celsius hot in certain areas. I burned my finger and immediately doused it with apple cider vinegar to minimize the after effects. So far, so non-blistery good.)

I plugged in the tool and started tracing the lines on the wood with the tip. It’s really amazing how quickly the wood burns!

After tracing my lines, the box turned out looking like this…

This is a fine spot to end, however I wanted a pretty lacquered finish, so I coated the box with a layer of the Golden Pecan stain.

A paintbrush or cloth will do the trick and just make sure to wipe the excess stain off when you’re finished, if there is any.

I let the box dry for a few hours…

…and then was ready to use!!

Just make sure that if you keep salacious secrets in your box, don’t let the box out of your hands!!

We don’t need real life Victoria Greysons’ meddling in our biznass.

Stay tuned for more As Seen On TV posts!