Get The Look: ‘The Mindy Project’

We’re back with a remake from another one of our favorite TV shows! Last time, we put together a Game of Thrones-worthy costume á la Sansa Stark and today we’re heading to NYC to visit our spirit animal, BFF, Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project.

I’ve been a tried and true fan since the pilot, following each one o’Mindy’s gentlemen friends (Brendan, Cliff, Jason, Jamie, Tom, Sam, Josh, and Casey!!) including the most recent Danny sitch as well as the amazingness of all the guest stars. Who doesn’t love a James Franco sighting? The season finale is just hours away and I can’t stop thinking about what is going to happen with Mindy and Danny?!?! How perfect was their plane kiss (who doesn’t want that to happen on a flight??) but their short-lived relationship had me screaming into my pillow and rewinding on my DVR.

So, until we see how this season ends, let’s craft an ensemble that is totally Mindy. Mindy Lahiri is a girl after my own heart with her bold blouses and vests, printed sweatshirts, and blinged out sweaters and the remake on today’s agenda includes two pieces that scream Dr. L.

Mindy rocked out a pair of Tarina Tarantino shades

…and a Kate Spade skirt earlier this season (Episode 13, “LA”)…

…and they’re both on today’s agenda to DIY!

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need for the sunglasses:

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need for the skirt:

Let’s start with the sunglasses so they have time to dry while the skirt is getting crafted!

We want to recreate the flowers on the original Tarina Tarantino sunnies, so we’ll need four flowers and leaves to put in the center and at the sides of the glasses.

Fill the flower and leaf molds with the melts (top L), paint the hardened pieces the appropriate color (top R), dab glue on the backs of the flowers and leaves (bottom R), and affix to the sunglasses (bottom L).

I went with one leaf in the center just for the best fit and then added a strip of rhinestones to the top portion of the glasses.

I added flowers and leaves to the edges of the glasses next and let the frames dry!

Time to move onto the skirt!

I used a thrifted black skirt that was a bit too long, so I cut, pinned, and stitched a new hem to mimic the length of the Kate Spade skirt.

If you find a skirt that is perfectly sized, you can skip this step!

Next, I placed down the pyramid studs in a similar pattern to the original piece and pinned them down to the skirt so they wouldn’t move.

Hand stitch the studs to the skirt with your needle and thread…

…and your skirt is ready to wear to Shulman & Associates! Pair those with the sunnies, and your outfit is totally Mindy-ified!

This skirt is so easy to make and looks super chic!

Mindy’s amazing wardrobe is totally DIY-able!

Now her love life…I’m not quite sure if we can totally DIY a Danny! Sounds like some Weird Science business!

Stay tuned for more “As Seen on TV” posts!