As Seen on TV: ‘Mad Men’

We’re back with a remake from another one of our favorite TV shows! Last time, we accessorized and DIY’d an outfit straight outta The Mindy Project and today we’re visiting Don Draper and Peggy Olson in NYC and crafting a piece from Mad Men. The final season is upon us, so there’s no better time to get in on the action. Cue the title sequence…

Mad Men is one of those shows that makes me want to work in advertising, albeit an advertising world in the ’60s where shift dresses, kitten heels, and scotch at all times of the day are welcomed. I’d also appreciate working with dudes who look like Jon Hamm because that’s a reason right there to get up and head into the office early. Each time I see Megan Draper on-screen, I want to get into acting classes just so I can hang with her and rifle through her closet of vintage deliciousness.

But, I think I’m most obsessed with Joan Holloway and her look. Is it weird that I dyed my hair red and brought a picture of Christina Hendricks with me to show my stylist exactly what I wanted? And pinky swear, I’m not single white female-ing her. There’s been one piece of Joan’s wardrobe that she always wears that I’m obsessed with. She has the coolest gold pen necklace and it’s something that makes for a fab DIY.

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need for the necklace:

1. Jump ring (Something large enough that will fit around the clip of the pen. I went with Darice’s jump rings in 10mm that fit perfectly under the clip.)

2. Gold chain (Grab a chain from your jewelry box or find chain at your local craft store like this by Blue Moon Beads.)

3. Click pen – (anything from the office supply closet will work!)

4. Metallic spray paint (I used Krylon metallic gold spray paint)

Because of the spray painting element, I took my pen outside to paint. An easy trick is to grab some thread or twine and hang the pen from a tree or clothing line so it dangles. I used a nail that was in a tree to hang my pen and then put newspaper around the trunk to avoid turning it gold while I sprayed.

When the piece got completely coated in paint, I let it dry and then painted one more coat.

I added my jump ring to the clip of the pen (feel free to glue it in place to secure) and then attached my chain.

How’s that for a new accessory that matches the one Christina Hendricks wears on the show? And, the best part is that it still works!

Now I’m ready to make that Avon account mine!

Now, all I need is some shaping undergarments, ahem bra, to really match Joan. 

Stay tuned for more “As Seen on TV” posts!