As Seen on TV: ‘Girls’ Lizard Crop Top

We’re back with a remake from another one of our favorite TV shows! Last time, we made the all-important infinity box from Revenge and today we’re heading to NYC to hang with HBO’s Girls. I mean, their season ends this weekend (nooooo!!!!!!!!) so there’s really nothing better than to create something that is totally Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna appropriate.

Is it weird that I like to watch Girls on my iPhone at the laundromat because it makes me feel like I’m in NY? Yeah, I plug-in my headphones and pretend that I’m singing Wicked with Marnie at karaoke or taking snacks from the GQ snack room with Hannah, or trying to sell kids’ clothes with Jessa, while actually taking my tees out of the dryer.

I kind of freaked out when I saw today’s remake on the fifth episode of this season. Lena Dunham in a crop top covered with little plastic lizards? Sign. Me. Up. Seriously. The original shirt is by Toy Syndrome and I couldn’t wait to make my own version!

This is something that can easily be done with a white shirt that’s already in your collection (or your boyfriend or girlfriend or roomie’s) or a basic Hanes tee from Amazon!

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need:

1. Fabric Dye in tan

2. Plastic lizards (these are from Party City!)

3. Lime green thread and a needle

4. White t-shirt (I have a stash of basic Hanes tees that I wear all the time)

I began with my plain white tee and set up a dye bath on the stove. I boiled water, added tan dye to the pot, and turned off the flame. I dipped my already wet tee into the dye bath (wetting it in advance helps evenly distribute the dye), and submerged the tee completely in the pot for about 30 minutes to absorb the color.

Once the tee was dry, it was time to place my reptile friends! I found thread in the same lime green shade of the lizards, made pencil mark placeholders in the areas to match the placement of the lizards on Lena Dunham’s shirt, and began to stitch the lizards to the shirt.

Three rows of five lizards had to be completed to match the original piece.

And after some quick hand stitching, the lizards were all attached.

To match the crop style of the shirt, a quick cut along the bottom of tee was all that was needed to complete the replica.

Straight from the small screen, my new crop top is ready to wear.

I feel just like Hannah.

And it’s a piece that is so easy to DIY.

I’m just going to daydream about the house on the North Fork on my super cool stoop, like you do.

With season three closing up shop, we can at least be relieved to know that they’ll be back with a season four!! Will there be a cliffhanger?!?!?!

Stay tuned for more As Seen On TV posts!