Have You Seen Sara Schaefer’s New Day Job?

If not I’m jealous. It’s that feeling you get when a friend hasn’t seen your new favorite movie or TV show that you just know they’ll love. You’re excited that they get to watch something for the first time with virgin eyes that you thoroughly enjoyed.

Sara Schaefer, who you may remember from MTV’s Nikki & Sara Live or the PSA Justin Timberlake, Make Music Again, created this delightful web series called, “Day Job,” that perfectly captures the woes of having a job while you’re trying to pursue your dreams. These are woes I know almost too well.

The series was inspired by her time working at a law firm while pursuing comedy. As she puts it, “there is no real narrative here, just snapshots of what it’s like working the job you hate — while pursuing what you love.” The series includes hilarious moments like Sara transforming a bathroom stall into her, “me time” sanctuary, perfectly scored by the theme song from Love & Basketball. Or a scene where she’s pretending to look busy, when she’s really secretly trying to work on her stand-up (which I’m sure we’re all guilty of doing but perhaps with Facebook).

My favorite episode is “Office Comedian,” which anyone who is friends with a comedian should be required to watch. It includes what you should never say to someone who is pursuing stand-up like, “tell me a joke,” or “you know what show you should be on? SNL,” and of course, “you got to put this in your act!”

I can relate. Whenever I tell a stranger I do stand-up, it’s almost always followed up with one of those responses and or, “Really? But you don’t look funny.” So I started wearing thick-framed Warby Parker glasses (they’re real, I promise). And now I get, “you’re a comedian? Oh I get it, because of the glasses. Are they real?”

Day Job is really great and I couldn’t recommend it more. You can binge watch it like you did with “Orange is The New Black” or “House of Cards” since Sara released it “Beyonce-style.”  The series has that unfiltered feel a la “The Office” with a fresh female twist, without shoving down your throat that this is a show starring a female comedian. I cannot wait to see what Sara comes up with next.

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