Seems Like Everyone Has An Opinion on Les Misérables

Les Misérables has only been in theaters for two weeks, and whether or not you’ve seen the movie, you’ve most certainly bared witness to a debate about it. Someone in your Facebook or Twitter family may have even caught a sneak peek screening before the official release, and from that moment, a dialogue was born. Or was it?

Throughout the entire process from inception to premiere, die-hard musical theater lovers and Les Mis fans had their expectations. Lest we forget the moment when the internet started going crazy over rumors of Taylor Swift as Eponine. A few months later, Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut and weight-loss transformation became the talk of the town. More recently, the discussion shifted to the cast’s “groundbreaking” live vocal performance, which has become the big hot button issue.

The reviews have been mixed with some who argue that Les Mis isn’t the “major event” it should be, while others applaud its raw and intimate depiction. Well, that’s to be expected when people have such a strong attachment to the source material.

So, Gigglers, since you’ll be hearing about it for at least one day more, we have to ask — the Les Misérables criticism: YEA or NAY?

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Image via Indiewire

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