Forget past 24 hours, here’s how to see all your Snapchats from the past MONTH

To think Snapchat first marketed itself based on its very temporariness. A photo that would only last for a few seconds? Craziness! I remember being shocked when I learned about the function that allowed users like myself to replay a snap that was sent to them anytime within the past 24 hours. (Wasn’t the going against the whole point of Snapchat?) Well, now we have even more time to admire ourselves. With the aid of My Snap Memories, we can look up all the old fun Snapchats of us vomiting rainbows or making wacky faces from the past month.

Once you sign up with My Snap Memories, the site will notify you that you will be getting a monthly email of every Snapchat you took the previous month. All you have to do after that is add mysnapchatmemories0 as your friend on Snapchat, which allows the site to see your stories. My Snap Memories will continue to save your stories and email you them at the end of the month for as long  as you are friends with mysnapchatmemories0. This, in turn, will free up all the memory on your smartphone that might otherwise be engaged in saving these silly photos. For those of you, like myself, who are concerned with privacy, My Snap Memories promises in their incredibly hilarious FAQ section that random people will not be granted access to your pics and videos.

Personally, I’m pretty pumped about this new form of scrapbooking. (Another favorite memory-saving app I’d recommend would be Timehop.) I am relieved to have a place other than my phone’s meager storage to host my Snapchats. My phone is always crashing, anyway. Plus, now I’ll have something to look forward to in my email inbox other than the usual bill reminders and Facebook alerts! Win-win!

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