You’re not living your best life if you don’t see “Girls Trip” this weekend

Here’s a fact. Girls Trip is going to take the comedy box office and run for the next few weeks. There’s a reason why there’s a lot of buzz around the movie. It will, for starters, stand the test of time, and will be included in the list of great comedies that make you laugh so hard you’re crying.

There are MANY jaw dropping moments that happen during this BFF trip (just wait until you get to the grapefruit), but unlike funny flicks like Bachelorette or The Hangover (or really any movie in which a group of friends go do crazy shit), these characters feel more real and less satirical. This film has the right balance of heart and raunch. These ladies are your friends who have been with you through thick and thin. The friends who know your secrets, your ATM pin — and when you need help, sometimes before you do.

From the moment the movie starts, you become a member of the Flossy Posse. The self-dubbed “Flossy Posse” consists of the characters played by Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Regina Hall, and the absolutely hilarious Tiffany Haddish! Without giving too much away, each woman in the Posse needs this trip. They need a break from their lives, some time to recharge and find themselves.

The ladies decide to take a trip back to the last place they all had a blast and let loose: Essence Fest in New Orleans. From the moment they touch the ground in New Orleans, the melanin is poppin’, the drinks are flowing, and the laughter is endless. You can tell the cast actually had a blast filming in NOLA. I sat down with the ladies of the Posse, as well as Larenz Tate (who plays the insanely charming and sweet Julian), and Malcolm D. Lee and Will Packer, producer and director, to talk about their favorite moments in the movie and pranks pulled on set.

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Tiffany was a crowd — and crew — favorite, but Queen definitely had a great time playing Sasha!

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Girls Trip is a movie is for my self-care ladies who want to give their mind a break from reality and really laugh in a cool theatre for a couple of hours. It’s for women who might not have enough time (or money, tbh) to take a trip with their friends. It’s for my ladies who love to laugh and are looking for a reason to reconnect with friends.  Most importantly it’s for my carefree women who want to be sure that the coins they will be spending on a movie are worth it — for this movie, they are!

By the end of Girls Trip, you will feel like you’ve made four new friends and have a BUNCH of lines to recite with your girls over brunch or text to your Flossy Posse.  

And before I left NOLA I had to ask about that prayer, if you’ve seen the trailer you know the one, and Tiffany offered to lead me and Regina in one:

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Hopefully this means we’re starting our own Sagittarius Flossy Posse for Girls Trip 2…because there has to be a sequel.