This actor just shared some crazy behind-the-scenes secrets from ‘Home Alone’

Home Alone, the box office blockbuster that is beloved by kids and adults alike, has been revisited this month by the hilarious stars. Macaulay Culkin first posted this video a couple of weeks ago where he reprises his role as Kevin McCallister.

If you recall, in the film Home Alone, Kevin was left at home accidentally as his family went on a winter vacation. So 8 year-old Kevin has to take care of himself, but quickly finds the situation to be more dire than he had anticipated, as two conmen are attempting to burglarize his home. In Culkin’s video, we see Kevin has been scarred by the experience.

But the absolute best part is the way that Daniel Stern, one of the burglars from Home Alone, has responded to video. He recently posted a video of his own, in character, trying to warn his friend and accomplice, Harry, of Kevin McCallister’s craziness.

. . .And this was just the beginning of Stern’s revisitation of Home Alone. Since the posting of the video, Stern has been filling his Facebook feed—and Reddit—with behind the scenes info about the filming of Home Alone.  Here’s everything we’ve learned from Stern so far. . .

Remember the scene where a spider crawls up Sterns face? Well, the spider was real. And Stern was genuinely terrified.

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