These are the kind of random secrets you’ll only tell your BFF

Best friends are for having someone to cry with when Sons of Anarchy ends. They’re for sharing bowls of chocolate mint gelato and shopping at the mall out of boredom (but for keeping one another in check, because you both know you don’t need another Urban Decay eye-shadow palette). Best friends are irreplaceable, and super important. Which is why we can trust them with just about anything.

Including a vat of the juiciest, most secret-iest secrets, ever. If there is one person who you can trust with your most embarrassing, guiltiest, or silliest confession, it’s your bestie. Here are some of the many secrets you can totally spill to them:

You haven’t listened to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album yet.

You’ve been meaning to, but now you almost feel like it’s too late. THE WORLD ALREADY KNOWS.

That time you pretended you were fluent in Latin and claimed you were a big fan of the ballet production of Anna Karenina? Yeah, that was just to impress someone.

What can we say. Crushing on people makes us a little thirsty sometimes, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. These things happen, and love makes us act in crazy, weird ways. And lucky for you, your BFF will always be there to remind you of that.

You did something really mean in high school, and you still feel awful about it.

Some of us weren’t the greatest versions of ourselves in high-school, but that’s why we grow as humans! And that’s probably exactly what your bestie will tell you.

You actually bombed the SATs the first time you took them.

You told everyone you got a 1900, but the truth is that you scored way, way below that. After five years, I bet no one will judge.

That half the pictures on your phone are selfies. Or pictures of your cat.

There is NO shame in that, girlfriend. But your friend will understand why you’re a little hesitant to let anyone go through your photos, just in case they stumble upon your massive selfie collection.

You know when you told everyone you chose not to go to your dream college? Well, you were actually rejected but too ashamed to tell anyone.

Senior year was stressful enough without the whole getting-into-college thing to worry about. Who could blame you for coming up with a little white lie to ease the emotional pain and disappointment?

You didn’t wash your hair today. Or yesterday. Or maybe the day before that?

Who even has time for those kinds of things, though? If anything, your BFF will probably fill you in on the best dry shampoo, ever. You’ll basically never have to wash your head of hair AGAIN.

That you haven’t listened to Serial

You’ve just been nodding along with everyone when they talk about it.

Your Facebook password because what is mine is yours, sister.

In case of unforeseen emergencies wherein someone else needs to access your account when you’re away from wi-fi and delete a photo from your timeline ASAP.

That weird body issue you just looked up on WebMD that’s most likely nothing OR PROBABLY A LETHAL CYST OH MY GOD.

Your BFF is the only one who you could ask, “Is this weird spot on my knee cancer?” because you know she’ll make you feel better and more rational and talk you out of a serious panic, and just help you make that doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off, just in case.

You snuck a tiny, miniscule amount of turkey over Thanksgiving, even though you’re a vegetarian and really care about animals

And you’ve felt immense guilt and bad vibes about what you did ever since. You went against your moral and ethical code and there is nothing you can do to take it back. Except binge on some soy ice-cream and confess to your bestie.

That you’re not over your ex. Not by a long shot.

I mean, your best friend already knows these things. You don’t even need to tell her.

That you’re only studying business in college because your parents want you to

Only your truest friends know you have dreams about becoming an artist, or an actress, or the next J.K. Rowling. And she fully supports you.

Sex stuff (in detail)

Getting coffee and discussing your sex life in very, very vivid detail is what best friendship is for. There is absolutely no judgement —only love, acceptance, and honest advice. (And probably laughter.)

Your top-secret chocolate pie recipe

NO ONE is getting their hands on that except for your friend who you love to pieces. And who is going to bake it with you on Friday night because why not?

The fact that you spend half your paycheck on a single pair of shoes

A very irresponsible choice. But a very, very beautiful one indeed.

That you actually despise wine

You claim to be a vino-enthusiast, but wine just tastes like dirty, old grapes to you. (#sorrynotsorry)

That you’re actually really, really scared of the future

You’ve never told anyone how scared you are, how uncertain you feel about. . .just about everything. You have no idea what you’re going to do for the rest of you life, or where you’ll end up. And it feels really good to get that off your chest.

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