This is the secret to taking a great photo of your cat

We all love taking pics of our pets. The camera roll on my iPhone might have ten times more photos of my animals than it does of me or my actual human family. (It totally does.) But aside from sheer volume, what’s the secret to taking amazing cat pictures? Apparently, it’s all in the gaze. At least that’s what the world’s most famous cat photographer says.

Walter Chandoha took his very first cat picture shortly after WWII when he snapped a photo of a stray kitten he found in the snow. This accidental discovery was the beginning of a legendary career of feline photography. Since the 1950s, Chandoha’s pictures have been featured in magazines like Life and National Geographic. And oh yeah, he’s also published more than 30 books of cat photography. Thirty. Entire. Books. That pretty much puts my camera roll to shame.

According to Chandoha, the secret to taking an amazing cat picture is eye contact. In Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer, a new book featuring interviews with the famous photographer, he says, “…for my photographs, I like the eye contact. Norman Rockwell was a real influence. The nice thing about the Rockwell pictures is that the line of sight is always centralized. If there were two people, their eye attention was directed to one focal point. It’s the same with cats! For example, if one cat would be looking out this way and another looking somewhere completely different, that’s no good. The eye contact has to be just right.” We kind of see where he’s coming from. After all, the eyes are the window to the soul.

So there you have it, the secret to the perfect cat picture.

BRB. Doubling the size of my camera roll.

[Images via Twitter/Walter Chandoha.]

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