There’s going to be a ~secret~ season of “American Horror Story” and oh my god

American Horror Story Czar, Ryan Murphy, has already stated that he’s very much trying to channel our Queen, Beyoncé, when it comes to AHS. Shortly before Season 6 premiered, he commented that the 6,000 trailers for the season were all meant in good fun, and that:

"We just decided to ‘do a Beyoncé’ this year [with the theme], and just drop it, and let people experience it and have fun.

Did it pay off? Sure did. And now he’s hoping he can strike Beyoncé lightning twice, but not necessarily the same way.

According to Murphy, he wants to not just drop a surprise theme for American Horror Story, but drop an entire surprise SEASON.

Like, one day we’ll just wake up not expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen that day, and then suddenly, BOOM, brand new season of AHS — and seriously, can our hearts even handle something like that?

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy offers up the tiniest bit of information about this secret season that is yes, actually a secret.

"I’ve been working with a writer on a season that only he and I know. It’s like a two-year project that we’ll continue to work on the sly and not tell anybody...It’s my secret season."

AHHHHHHH x roughly a million.


Murphy continued: "I don’t know when it will [air] but it’s also an experiment. It’s a different way of doing it. It’s one person writing all episodes. I don’t know if it’s going to work but it’s like, well, let’s try that. We might get them done and shoot them on the sly and drop it.

That’s all Murphy was willing to offer up about this ~super secret season~ but just knowing that it’s out there gives us a warm and fuzzy AHS feeling. It could literally drop at any time. Constant AHS vigilance, friends.