This taco salad off McDonald’s secret menu looks damn tasty

You know what we JUST DISCOVERED about our bff McDonald’s? There’s more to the menu than meets the eye. Like this delicious looking secret McDonald’s “taco salad.” A Twitter user recently revealed their own McDonald’s creation that we’ve never even heard of. Although the Twitter user claims in their bio that “Hamburglar is the spokesperson, not [them],” we think they should really look into the job because they just created a McD’s masterpiece. 

Check out this McDonald’s Taco Salad. Insert choir of heavenly angels here.

When asked how one would order this magical, mythical creation, the user replied:

"It's a menu hack so it is off-menu. All ingredients did come from & assembled in the McD kitchen. I can make a mean chicken quesadilla too!"

So apparently there’s some experimentation going on in the McDonald’s kitchen, which is an exciting prospect. We’ve never really thought about all of the various ingredients that must be in that store room, just waiting to be combined in new and exciting ways. We’ve all heard of the fabled Starbucks secret menu (which is, actually, a myth), but McDonald’s secret menu creations are a real thing.

It looks like he ordered a deconstructed Pico Guacamole with Grilled Chicken sandwich, but we’re not sure how he got that fried taco shell? Hmmm.

Next time we stop at McDonald’s after a long night out, we’re definitely going to see how creative we can get because chicken nuggets and a taco salad at the same restaurant? Late night bliss.