The secret to never being hungover is actually really delicious

You’ve been duped by hangover cures before, but this is one that might actually work. Better yet — it’s tasty.


Exciting, right? A study was conducted in Australia and published in the journal Horticultural Innovation Australia, citing the many wonderful benefits of Asian pears, also known as Nashi or Korean pears. This fruit can lower your cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and relieve constipation. But in July 2015, researchers found that the pear can also treat your hangover.

Asian pears are equipped with enzymes that speed up alcohol metabolism as well as inhibit alcohol absorption. Your blood alcohol has no choice but to back off when it sees that you’ve got these enzymes on your side. Also, the pear reduces levels of blood acetaldehyde, which is the toxin that’s responsible for your hangover.

But there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. It can only work its magic if you ingest the pear juice before you start drinking. It’s time to get proactive, people.


The study showed that those who drank 7.4 ounces of pear juice before hitting the bar saw 16 to 21 percent less of a hangover. Manny Noakes, research director of nutrition and health at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, said they judged the severity of the hangover by a “14 item hangover symptom scale.”

Whatever that scale exactly is, we don’t know. But the researchers were firm in their findings. The pear juice drinkers were less hungover (and less miserable) than the placebo control group. Really, that’s all we need to know.

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