Here’s the secret way to get the perfect bun

Let’s face it: we could all use a little help when we’re doing our hair. It can be so exhausting to painstakingly section out panels, spray them, blow dry them, and twist them into our desired hairshape. Plus, after a while — and maybe I’m alone in this — my arms and neck get sore from holding a brush, a blow dryer, and twisting my head around while simultaneously holding pins between my teeth. The bun struggle is REAL, I’m telling you!

That’s just way too much work, right? An extra pair of hands is always welcome, especially when we’re attempting one of those gorgeous Pinterest-worthy bun tutorials, but even sometimes these methods require a little help. Thankfully, one guy shows us how he got creative with his hairstyling skills while working on his very adorable “client”, as evidenced in the below GIF:

This isn’t the first time something like this has made the rounds on the web. Last year, a video of a dad doing his daughter’s hair in the same fashion went viral.

It’s easy to see why: even if you completely take away the awww factor, it just seems like such a quick and efficient way to tame one’s hair.It definitely looks easier than trying to stuff strands of our hair around a sock. The style, which Cosmo is aptly referring to as the new ballerina bun, just involves a little balance on your part.

Image via Imgur, iStock