There is a secret “Blair Witch” sequel and it looks TERRIFYING!

Most of us who saw The Blair Witch Project when it was released in theaters back in 1999 didn’t sleep for at least a week.

Because it was absolutely terrifying, and sleep is hard when you’re scared out of your mind.


The film centered around “found footage” of three student filmmakers, and it legit looked real. Of course it wasn’t, but like, it took a long time before we realized that.

Get ready to not sleep again — the makers of The Blair Witch Project have made Blair Witch, a new sequel to the horror classic. The Lionsgate film was kept a complete secret, and even had a pseudo name — The Woods.

The film stars James Allen McCune (aka Matty Baker on Shameless) as the brother of Heather Donahue’s character from the original film. He sets out to discover what happened to his long-missing sister and brings along his camera, making it a “found footage” film once again.

Honestly, we’re already losing sleep.

The new film is actually the third in the franchise — the second being 2000’s Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, which didn’t use the found footage format, and frankly, didn’t do nearly as well as the first.

Okay. Enough talk. Ready to see the trailer that’s equally as horrifying as the original?

Well, ready or not…

Blair Witch hits theaters on September 16th, and we’re equal parts excited and terrified.