This is the secret behind Alicia Keys’ perfect no-makeup skin

By now you know (or you’ve recently seen her spin around in those big red chairs on The Voice and remembered) that Alicia Keys is a glowy, radiant goddess. So isn’t it just super empowering to know that the singer (wife, mother, superstar, etc.) is going make-up free at the moment? Like, as in, no layer of foundation or concealer before she sits next to the very pretty (and definitely in make-up) Adam Levine on live television. It’s true and it’s liberating, for her and for us.

Keys’ skin secret is a lady who knows how to make one’s natural complexion her best and most flattering one. When Jane Larkworthy at W Magazine inquired about Keys’ skin to Sharon McGlinchey, founder of MV Organics skin care, McGlinchey had a few problem-solving words. “I should connect you with Dotti.” How could you not already love Dotti, the one-named, know-it-all skin guru?

So how does Alicia get that glowing complexion?


After six years of working with Keys, Dotti has altered their beauty regimen to fit an ever-changing face and evolving goals. Right now, Dotti relies on freezing temperatures and ice to increase blood flow under the skin for a flush of natural color and life. “I want blood and water and energy brought to the surface [of the face]. It brings her skin to life, it practically makes her skin say, ‘Hi. I love you.’” Aww, thanks skin! We love you too!


Along with shredded cucumber masks (delicious?) and pure Jojoba oil (“so close to the natural sebum we produce in our skin”), Keys’ naked face is nothing without positive energy and good healthy habits starting from within. “She eats healthy and exercises,” Dotti mentions, foremost. It’s clear that blood flow and good circulation are keys (sorry) to that beautiful brightness.

And she’s not entirely makeup free ?

She also mentions that Keys still sports a little powder or a filled-in brow when she films The Voice. No need to fret if your bare skin isn’t what you’d like it to be. Remember that the make-up free movement is about comfort and pride in what you look like at your most natural. So drink your water, break a sweat, and bask in your own unique glow.