There’s a new mega-moving trailer for ‘He Named Me Malala’

Last week, Malala Yousafzai proved how amazing she is—for, like, the umpteenth time—scoring insanely high grades on her GCSE exams and doing especially well on her math and science exams. The 18-year-old education activist’s father, Ziauddin, even got in on the congratulations, tweeting about how proud he and Malala’s mother were of their daughter to the tune of 10,000+ retweets and 15,000+ faves.

But this great educational victory for Malala may soon be overshadowed by the highly-anticipated release of the first feature-length documentary about her, which is set to hit theaters everywhere in October. Entitled He Named Me Malala, the documentary will feature footage of the teen’s hospitalization after being shot by the Taliban at age 14 and all the amazing things that have come to pass since, including her bestselling biography, and, of course, her historic Nobel Peace Prize.

Audiences will also get a chance to see a different side of Malala, the side that is just a teenage girl dealing with all the embarrassments and triumphs of coming into your own while also growing up with two younger brothers.

“I tell my story not because it’s unique,” says Malala in the film’s second trailer, released today. “It is the story of many girls.”

Check out the whole trailer below (and prepare for some serious shivers):


Here’s the first trailer for Malala’s documentary

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(Image via Fox Searchlight)