All the things we’re dying see on season 2 of ‘Jane the Virgin’

Jane Villanueva stole our hearts when Jane the Virgin premiered on the CW last year. With its funny, telenovela-inspired style, Jane’s sparkling personality, those ridiculous plot twists, and swoon-worthy romantic interests, Jane the Virgin became my new favorite show.

Now that the show’s second season premieres tonight (at 9/8 central), it’s got me all excited for what’s to come. If you’ve watched the season finale, you know that it ended on a major, nail-biting cliffhanger worthy of any decent soap opera. Tonight cannot come fast enough! Here’s what I cannot wait to see.

1. Jane as a mother

Jane has mastered so many roles: daughter, granddaughter, teacher, student, and writer, and she brings grace and strength to each role. Even though the circumstances of her motherhood were totally bizarre, I have no doubt that Jane will be an amazing mother—that is, once she gets her son back from Sin Rostro. (Who saw that one coming, huh?!)

2. Rafael as a father

I mean, I fell in love with Rafael from the very first episode, and for me, nothing is more attractive than seeing a really cute guy with a really cute baby. Rafael is protective and loving, plus he’s wanted to be a father for so long.

His baby with Jane was a blessing and an unexpected (to say the least) surprise, so it will be interesting to see his parenting style, and how it will inevitably clash with Jane’s! I’m sure it’ll be hysterical and heartwarming seeing these two new parents work it out.

3. Jane’s wedding

A HUGE spoiler for this season is that Jane is, in fact, getting married and presumably losing her virginity. Jane may no longer be a virgin, but I can’t wait to see what her wedding is like, and more importantly, who she’s marrying! Are you Team Michael or Team Rafael? Or maybe, there’ll be an entirely new love interest waiting in the wings…whichever way it goes, we know that Jane doesn’t need a man in her life to be happy.

4. Rogelio’s larger-than-life persona and shenanigans

Jane’s father loves two things unconditionally: himself, and Jane. Perhaps in that order…? Rogelio is the punchline of the show, but even though he’s self-involved and totally blind to his shortcomings, he means well. He also gets major brownie points for stepping into the role of father so enthusiastically. He truly loves Jane, and that made us truly love him.

5. Jane’s unfathomable wisdom

Jane is perhaps a unique character in mainstream television. She’s body positive, sex positive, intelligent, and self-assured. One of the most inspiring parts of the show was simply watching Jane make decisions, work through some hella difficult circumstances, and show everyone else what it looks like to respect others and follow your dreams, all while wearing the perfect pair of wedge sandals.

6. Petra getting into loads of trouble.

Oh, and her fabulous pastel-colored shorts. Whenever Petra was in a scene, all I could think of was, “Where did she get that amazing two-piece outfit?” And that’s saying a lot for her clothes, because Petra was always in a load of trouble, whether it was taking a hostage, being taken hostage, or cheating on her current love interest, which she did, like, all the time.

Oh, Petra. I can’t wait to see what she gets up to this season. Judging from the season finale, it’s not going to be good.

7. The voiceover guy breaking the fourth wall

Let’s face it: the funniest character on the show is the voiceover guy. He’s the narrator and he directs all the action, sometimes inserting himself as a personality in the show. The voiceover sets the tone of the show, distinguishing it from most shows on television, yet forming a link to classic telenovelas. When that voiceover comes on, I’ll be so happy to start another season.

8. The family

Coming from a large Italian family, I can totally relate to the deep connections Jane has with her mother and grandmother. These women constantly support each other, listen to each other, share stories and jokes, and build each other up. It’s truly inspiring to watch on primetime TV.

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