Is there going to be a second Red Wedding on the “Game of Thrones” season finale??

First we had the Red Wedding, and then we had the Purple Wedding and now we might be looking at…another Red Wedding?

Not bothering to change the color scheme, yes. With the season finale of Game of Thrones looming over us, the new fear is that with everything ELSE that’s been set up for the “The Winds of Winter,” we might be looking at another bloody wedding, too. Spoilers ahead for literally everything.

The Red Wedding, as you still fondly remember, happened back in Season 3 when the Frey’s brutally murdered A BUNCH OF STARKS, including Robb, Catelyn, and also Robb’s pregnant wife, Talisa — and then Arya showed up to see the aftermath first hand, and the whole thing’s been burned into our brain ever since. It’s not something we want to see ever, ever again

But this is Game of Thrones we’re talking about. It might be safe to argue that “Battle of the Bastards” was even bloodier than the Red Wedding episode, “The Rains of Castamere.” And things might start getting worse.

Right now, there’s a lot of speculation that we’re about to see Red Wedding: Part 2. One of the biggest clues? The simple and succinct: “The Lannisters send their regards.” It’s what was said moments before Catelyn was killed, and we hear it in the preview for “The Winds of Winter.” The phrase is a bad omen. We actually almost heard it earlier this season, when Jaime first arrived in Riverrun, but he got cut off:


Now, when we hear it for real, and in full, what’s going to happen next?

The dream of Lady Stoneheart is still very much alive, though it’s slowly slipping away with each passing episode. It would be PRETTY AMAZING if suddenly she showed up at Riverrun, with the whole Frey family present (and Jaime) and killed everyone in attendance, this time while Jaime looked on. As Vulture points out, there’s been a lot of parallel symbolism this season, and a return to the Red Wedding, at the same castle, and CATELYN’S GRAND ENTRANCE, would be pretty crazy.

There’s another idea that it’s actually Arya who instigates the Red Wedding Part Deux. Last we saw her, she was on her way back to Westeros, refusing to give up her name and identity. Vanity Fair points to the fact that earlier this year, Maisie Williams gave an interview and suggest that she crosses another name off her list and also wears the face of someone else. We haven’t seen her do either of those things yet this season, and both (or neither) might just happen during “The Winds of Winter.”

Be prepared for Game of Thrones to get bloodier before it gets better.

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