The trailer for the new J-Lo movie dropped, and it’s giving us serious Maid in Manhattan vibes

From The Wedding Planner to Maid in Manhattan, Jennifer Lopez comedies never disappoint — and now we have a brand new one to carry us through the rest of 2018.

The trailer for Second Act dropped Thursday, July 19th, and it has everything we need in a feel-good J-Lo movie: A loveable protagonist, an adorable love interest (played by This is Us’s Milo Ventimiglia), a slew of sassy best friends (hey, Leah Remini), and a super complicated double life.

Second Act is definitely reminiscent of Maid in Manhattan, at least in regards to the whole mistaken identity angle. Jennifer Lopez plays Maya Vargas, a wistful 40-year-old who never fulfilled her dreams because she doesn’t have a fancy degree or a privileged background. However, she soon finds herself caught up in a major lie when she gets hired as a C-level executive at an elite corporation (long story…)

“It is a comedy for anyone who dreams big and asks, why not me? Lopez told in an interview.

And we have to say, it’s refreshing to see Lopez in a role where her goal isn’t to get her dream man, but her dream job.

Watch the trailer below:

Us after watching that:

Second Act hits theaters November 21st. See you there opening night!

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