Here’s EVERYTHING we know about season two of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” and the situation is nuanced

Ever since Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s big old dramatic Season One cliffhanger ending we’ve basically spent the entire summer freaking out.

*SPOILER ALERT!* If you haven’t watched the entire first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, turn back now, for here spoilers abound! Seriously, it’s on Netflix, you need a new show to binge/new songs to sing in the shower! Go! West Covina awaits!


For those of us caught up, OGM! Greg loves Rebecca! But Rebecca doesn’t know this because she wasn’t around to hear him drunkenly slur this confession, she was off having sex with Josh! Who now knows that Rebecca moved to West Covina SPECIFICALLY because Josh lives there. And we all caught that flash of panic in Josh’s eyes when Rebecca revealed just how Josh-centric her life really is.

It’s been so frustrating that we’ve had to spend the last few months waiting and wondering what’s going to happen when the show returns this fall.


Well, we still have to wait a leeeettle while longer for Crazy Ex to return to us (Season Two’s premiere is scheduled for Friday, October 21st, so mark your calendars, everybody!). But we did get some info on this upcoming season.

Mainly, we’re getting a new theme song!


“The credits sequences, for us, are the thematic thesis statements of the season,” the show’s co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna told TVLine. “Last year was all about denial. Last year was all about ‘Josh just happens to live here.”

But now that, as McKenna reminds us, “the cat is out of the bag about why she happens to be in town.” So a new theme song is now needed.

“Them having slept together, Rebecca goes from being unsure about him to absolute certainty,” McKenna told TVLine, which has us thinking that this season’s theme song will have something to do with Rebecca finally getting that “one indescribable instant” she’s been pining for since childhood.

McKenna wouldn’t say much more about the new theme song (other than letting us know that the songwriters “crushed it,” because of course they did).


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