Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” premieres tonight and viewers are celebrating with the most epic fan art

The day has finally arrived. The premiere of season 7 of Game of Thrones. We know you’ve had the date circled on your calendar for quite some time now. We also know you wept a little last year when you realized the season 7 premiere would be pushed back. But, hey, you were willing to forgive the creators for the delay, because Winter is no longer coming. Winter is f***ing here!

Cue the viewing parties, the online chatter and the epic fan art? Yep — Game of Thrones fans are a mighty loyal and creative bunch. They’ve channeled their tidal-wave of love and emotions for the masterful show into some equally masterful fan art. And well, we just had to share them!

One fan created an Iron Throne cake for their viewing party.

Our jaws are on the ground, and if you check it out, you’ll see what we mean. The intricate details and the metallic brushing make it look so damn realistic. We don’t even want to eat it. We want to put it under a glass encasement and keep it on our shelves. Notice the pools of red liquid, dribbling down the sides of the cake? We’re guessing that’s a homage to the many fallen characters in Westeros — some of whom have departed in some pretty gnarly ways.

Other fans made things we *definitely* want to eat — like this Stark pork pie.

Pork pie

What is there to say except — damn! You honor the Starks with your culinary wizardy.

Paper dolls of Sansa and Arya might be the sweetest interpretation of sisterly love we’ve seen yet.

The tiny details of the Stark sister are how you know this art came from a super fan. Notice how Arya is holding onto her sword, Needle. That’s no ordinary pup in the picture with them. That’s the infamous direwolf — the sigil of House Stark.

And the one thing any GOT fan needs is an Iron Throne phone charger.

I made an Iron Throne phone charger

It looks a little dangerous to keep by our beds, but can you imagine having this on your desk at work?

Aww, who could forget our favorite Hand of the King?

We’ve witnessed this fella crosses a few bodies of water. But, none is more exciting than the journey he’s currently on (spoiler!) crossing the Narrow Sea with flame-blowing dragons and the blonde Targaryen.

But one of our favorites might be this Star Wars mashup poster.

GoT x The Phantom Menace

It’s based off the original poster for The Phantom Menace, and we want nothing more than to print it out and hang it on our wall.

Whether you’re #teamarya or #teamjonsnow or #teamwhitewalkers (is that a thing?), we know exactly where we’ll find you tonight: hopelessly glued to the tube. And, well, that’s how it should be when Game of Thrones is on!

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