The first trailer for season six of ‘Game of Thrones’ majorly hints at Jon Snow’s fate

Game of Thrones is doubling down on teasing us about Jon Snow in the new season six trailer. It’s almost like they’re toying with our emotions and our hearts at this point. Can you believe it? (OK, yes, yes we can, because HBO is very good at keeping us intrigued. Well done, HBO.)

The super-intense new trailer, released on Twitter today, opens on a very long shot of Snow as the camera pulls away from him creating a sense of distance. It’s all very metaphorical, down to the most minute bit.

And that, friends, is all the never before seen footage the show feels like giving us! The rest of it is a fast flash through the most remarkable scenes of the series: the head of Ned Stark that rolled and shook us to the core, the baby turned into a White Walker, Dany & her dragons — frankly the only thing missing here is the Red Wedding.

And then we flash back to Jon Snow, reliving his shocking death in the snow. The best spoiler we get, in the guise of an illusion, is that before the screen goes black we see Bran Stark, who was absent entirely from season five, in the process of having a vision.

This horrible scene is followed by a black screen, with Bran’s voice telling us, “They have no idea what’s going to happen.”

GoT is back in April 2016. Keep your head ringin’.

(Image via  HBO)