If “Making a Murderer” returns for Season 2, here’s what the filmmakers have in mind

If you’re like us, you spent the majority of your holiday break becoming mildly (read: super, duper, over-the-top) obsessed with Netflix true crime series Making a Murderer.

You may have discussed the details of the case the show portrays (the long-running legal struggle of Steven Avery, who was once wrongly accused of sexual assault and is now in jail for a murder he was arguably framed for) at great lengths with your friends and family members. You may have even ventured into the deep, dark corners of Reddit with us. But even with all the theorizing and researching, one looming question still remained, right? And that question is, when will we get more of this amazingly detailed series and what new secrets will it hold?

Well, we may have an answer. Just like Stephen Colbert, we got a chance to speak with Demos and Ricciardi this week, and we just had to ask them what the plans are for the eventual Season 2 (Netflix hasn’t said they’ve renewed the show yet, but it’s gotta happen and soon, right?!). The answer, which came from Demos via a video conference, was simple and maybe not all that surprising, but still gives us something as await more and more updates about Avery.

Naturally, considering that it took a whopping ten years of research to get the first season of Making a Murderer ready to show the world (seriously, this show might focus on America, but it’s available in every country that Netflix streams, which is a lot now), we may have to wait some time to delve into these issues further with Demos and Ricciardi (yes, there’s that other special coming out soon, but it’s not the same) For now, we’ll continue the conversations among ourselves, which is, seemingly, what they’ve been hoping for all along.

(Image via Netflix)