Everything we’re hoping to see on the new season of ‘Broad City’

I hereby declare today Abbi and Ilana Day. Why? Well, first of all, it’s just been announced that Broad City got picked up for a THIRD SEASON. But there’s also the wee fact that Season 2 premieres on Comedy Central tonight! So yeah. More bestie shenanigans! More showing the world exactly what is funny! The girls tided us over with plenty of trailers for this new season, and from what we’ve seen, it’s going to crush everything. But if we had to make a wish-list of things we’d like to see go down this season (and you bet we made that list), here’s what we’d ask Abbi and Ilana to provide:

1. More dancing.

If anyone dances like nobody’s watching, it’s Abbi and Ilana. Although it’s more like, dancing like nobody’s watching because everybody’s watching.

2. More Lincoln.

Hannibal Buress delivers some of the best, most lol-worthy lines in the show, and we can’t wait for more Lincoln. He is the most tender, smitten man in all of the land and we are READY for Lincoln to win us over (and maybe even to legit win Ilana over too?).

3. More of the girls at work.

Soulstice and Deals Deals Deals seem like miserable places to work, which means big laughs for us. Plus, anything with Chris Gethard is a win.

4. Abbi + Jeremy = Yes, please.

Everyone’s has had that person they can’t quite seem to form sentences around, so it’s easy to sympathize — and also cringe-laugh — whenever Abbi runs into her hot neighbor Jeremy in the hallway. Any time she leaves her apartment, it’s guaranteed to be amazingly awkward in the best way.

5. Speaking of Abbi, who is her roommate, anyway? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Because all we see is Bevers. Although Abbi’s roommate is like Norm’s wife on Cheers, so at this point it’s funnier to not know, and just stick with Bevers.

6. More cameos Amy Poehler!

Let’s bring her back! She doesn’t even have to be the same character. She can play a new one every episode. Amy Poehler (the show’s executive producer, btw) can do whatever she wants. Just point a camera at her and let’s do this.

7. You know, just some more commentary on the mundane regularities and injustices of everyday life.

Jobs are so boring! Dating is so weird! The world is a scary place and living in New York is effing hard. But seeing all of those issues reflected back at you via the show really puts them in perspective.  Abbi and Ilana have a lot to sort through, and you know what? They probably won’t do it. And we cannot wait to watch.

If that wasn’t enough to get you parked on the couch at 10:30 to flip on your Comedy Central then consider this: tonight’s episode takes place in the hot, sultry, sticky heat of summer. Spend 30 minutes with Broad City laugh-crying, and watching them sweat through their clothes. In addition to jazzing you up for the rest of the season, it will bring back some needed non-winter memories of what warmth actually feels like. Remember that?

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