Your search for the perfect red lipstick is over

If you’re a red lipstick aficionado like moi, you know the search for the perfect rouge for your pucker is a very, very serious quest. You might already have your go-to shades on lock, but you’re always open to try something new—especially from a brand that knows their stuff. Enter: Bésame Cosmetics, a vintage-inspired makeup brand that recreates classic makeup with their immaculate modern reproductions. Bésame Cosmetics is so on point with their products, many television shows, such as American Horror Story and Agent Carter turn to them to beautify their characters.

Bésame has a ton of gorgeous crimson shades, but Red Velvet is a deep, classic red that looks good on most skin tones. In fact, Agent Peggy Carter uses Red Velvet herself! Along with the rich, pigmented formula, the packaging is also flawless. The gold tube screams Hollywood glamour! EVEN I AM SCREAMING AT HOW GORGEOUS IT IS. What’s cool is if you don’t want to commit just yet, you can grab one of their cute lipstick matchbooks to try it out first. And if you LOVE it, grab the set. If you want to try other shades, Red Hot, a brighter red, is a longtime favorite of mine and American Beauty, which has more of a berry shade, is my latest pick. Can you tell I’m red lipstick crazy? Just a little?


Red Velvet Lipstick, $22

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