Sean Hayes is really hoping for a “Friends” and “Will & Grace” crossover

The Will & Grace revival’s announcement was the best television news we heard in a long time. But there’s one other show we’d love to see back on screen, and we’re not alone. Sean Hayes wants a Friends and Will & Grace crossover, and that might be the most wonderful proposal ever.

Hayes discussed his dream on the Watch What Happens Liveafter show, telling host Andy Cohen that he can imagine exactly how it’d all play out.

"You know, I just brought up the idea...because the character of Jack, you know, is a struggling actor. Always wanted to be and now he finds himself teaching acting in this new reboot and he trademarked an acting technique called Jackting," Hayes said. "I said Joey should come on — Matt LeBlanc as Joey should come on — and Jack and Joey should be in a class together. That would be really fun."

Cohen asked him if that type of cameo was in the works, and Hayes slyly admitted that he’s working on it.

While LeBlanc is pretty busy with his series Episodes, which has been on the air since 2011, we’re hoping he’d entertain the idea of filling Joey Tribbiani’s shoes once again.

He’s got plenty of time to say yes, as well. Will & Grace will be returning to television for at least two upcoming seasons, and there’s a pretty big chance the show will have another renewal based on the excitement from fans.

Plus, we know that the show’s original cast members would only sign on if the reboot was as fresh and funny as the original.

You can see for yourself in just a few hours — the reboot will be premiering tonight on NBC.

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