Right this second, hundreds of baby seal pups are cuddling underneath a waterfall

As you stress about another work week and contemplate what you’re going to eat at your desk on this fine Monday, you must remember this: There are tons and tons of baby seal pups on the other side of the planet throwing a three-month party under a waterfall right now. They don’t know from salad bars or deadlines. Alls they know is that they’ve found the perfect spot to hang out and cuddle while they wait for their moms to bring them some food.

This is not a drill: A baby seal pup “cuddlefest” happens annually in Kaikoura, New Zealand, from about June through August—the winter months in the region. The gathering of soaked fur and beaming eyes of kindness is just a natural phenomenon for those baby seal pups who live near the Ohau Point Fur Seal Sanctuary, home to almost 3,000 seals.

They’re basically hanging out and waiting while their moms hunt for food, so they might as well enjoy themselves under a big waterfall, right? Although the waterfall is technically on privately-owned land near the sanctuary, the pups don’t know from land ownership. So they migrate there, and tourists tend to follow. Human seal pup fans are allowed to come see these adorable creatures flop around in nature’s waterpark. Volunteers help ensure the seals stay safe, and touching/hugging/kissing the seals on the nose is not allowed. I know, bummer. But we can still appreciate this annual festival of pups from afar. Really, this video almost feels like we’re there. Almost.

(Image via iStock)


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