This adorable seal hitched a ride on this guy’s kayak, and it’s the cutest thing ever

Well, here’s undeniable proof that your core friend group isn’t complete if it doesn’t include at least one marine animal. An adorable seal hitched a ride on this guy’s kayak because apparently, that’s just how the friendly sea creatures roll. If they see a human or fellow animal they want to chill with, seals have absolutely no qualms about swimming right up and introducing themselves.

Seriously, they have been known to go surfing on whales, and believe it or not, seals will totally get comfortable on top of a car even if it’s parked in someone’s driveway miles away from the nearest beach.

So, yeah, they basically go where they want and hang with whomever or whatever they’re drawn to, so we kind of can’t blame this kayaker for allowing this precious seal to come aboard to take a break from swimming and chasing meals.

Maybe this wild animal wanted to chatter about the water conditions, or perhaps past experience taught it that human-steered kayaks offer a far more comfortable resting spot than a lone jagged rock.

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Either way, there’s footage of this hitchhiking seal joining a group of kayakers off the coast of Scotland, and it’s the most adorable thing we’ve seen all day. At first, the animal swims up behind them, playfully popping its head up out of the water (maybe a seal’s way of hailing a ride?), then it takes full advantage of the moment by boarding the kayak, stretching out, and making itself at home.

Too cute. We think this seal is our new favorite animal.