Steve-O protests SeaWorld in the most spectacular Steve-O way

Have you heard about this new really awesome Facebook live-streaming service? You might have seen it pop up in your feed over the last few days, and if you’re a fan of Steve-O, of MTV Jackass fame, you might have watched him go live last night as he scaled a really tall crane in Hollywood. Nope, it wasn’t some sort of crazy stunt for a show, but rather a wild n’ crazy protest of SeaWorld.

Steve-O is a huge animal rights activist, and has started challenging SeaWorld after watching the documentary Blackfish, a doc about the treatment of killer whales in their parks (you can check out the documentary yourself; it’s on Netflix). Saturday afternoon, he Instagrammed a picture holding an inflatable pool whale, writing that he and Shammy the whale  are “gonna do a big dangerous stunt.”

That big dangerous stunt involved climbing up a 100 foot crane at a Hollywood construction site, fire trucks and a rescue crew to his location.

And yes, all of this was streamed live via Facebook and captured on YouTube.

If you caught any of his live broadcasts, you saw him scale the really tall crane. You then saw him get arrested once he reached the bottom, where he asked his viewers if any of them wanted to bail him out of jail. But that’s still after he got to the top of the crane, with inflatable Shammy, and set off some fireworks, like only Steve-O could.

This isn’t the first time he’s protested Sea World either. Just last year he changed a highway road sign to say “Sea World Sucks,” which landed him with a fine. No word yet on exactly what he’s going to be charged with for this crane stunt, but it sounds like charges of trespassing and setting off fireworks without a permit, according to the Los Angeles Times.

But this little setback probably won’t stop Steve-O from his next challenge. We just hopes he doesn’t get hurt. We need Steve-O around to do the crazy things we’d never in a million years dream of doing.

(Images via YouTube, Instagram)


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