This sea lion decided to nap on a car in the middle of a parking lot

What do you do when you catch a sea lion napping on top of your car? You let him — at least, that’s what a group of onlookers did in Freeland, WA.

Melanie J. Sceva Hill of Freeland crossed paths with the odd scene this past Saturday, and couldn’t help but share the evidence with the world. We can’t say we would’ve believed it if we hadn’t seen the video for ourselves, either.

The lone sea lion was catching some much needed z’s on the roof of a Honda Civic, parked in what appears to be a lot next to the bay. No one is quite sure how the mammal made it’s way there, but the sight definitely made everyone’s day. And seriously, HOW DID HE GET ONTO THE CAR???

The sea lion clearly needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the bay!

Of course, sea lions sometimes love to sneak into weird places. In 2015, cops had to stop one who was basically hitchhiking on a CA highway. Another was found eagerly awaiting breakfast in a San Diego restaurant! Unfortunately, food scarcity can lead to these guys heading into unknown areas, but they’re also just naturally curious.

As for this napping sea lion’s next move — we wouldn’t be surprised if he ventured back to his newfound resting place sooner than later. He looked pretty comfy up there.

Check out the adorable video here.

(H/T to Mashable and  Melanie J. Sceva Hill)