10 scrunchies you need in your life—because they’re actually chic (we swear)

Let’s be honest here—scrunchies have historically not been the easiest fashion sell in the world. The retro hair accessories brings back instant flashbacks to the ’80s (which, depending on who you ask, is generally not considered fashion’s finest moment) and over-the-top side ponytails. Think: Stephanie Tanner from Full House. But hear us out—scrunchies have had a major makeover and have emerged as one of the hair accessories that you need in your closet this fall.

From Bella Hadid‘s athleisure-chic high ponytail look, to Selena Gomez‘s mega-chic (and dare we say, gala-appropriate) scrunchie-braid situation, there are so many different ways to wear scrunchies. Whether your hair is short or long, or the look you’re going for is casual or glam, there’s a scrunchie out there for you.

Below are 10 of our absolute favorites—we know you’ll fall for the trend, too.

1Topshop Twisted Print Scrunchie

Topshop scrunchie

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The perfect (and most unexpected) way to add a pop of color to an all-black outfit, if you ask us.

2Topshop Fluffy Blue Pastel Scrunchie

Topshop blue scrunchie

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If you’re a sucker for anything pastel and/or fluffy (like we are), you’ll want to add several of these babies to you shopping cart ASAP.

3Forever 21 Floral Print Scrunchie

Forever 21 floral print scrunchie

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Just in time for the end of summer—and at only three bucks, can you afford not to buy this cute pick?

4J.Crew Bow Scrunchie in Houndstooth

J.Crew scrunchie

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Of course the chicest scrunchie of all time exists at J.Crew.

5MLE Sky Silk Scrunchie

MLE scrunchie

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So stunning—and made of silk to boot.

6Tasha 2-Pack Scrunchies

Tasha scrunchies

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Black is a neutral, of course, but so is leopard.

7Urban Outfitters Mini Scrunchie Set

Urban Outfitters mini scrunchies

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Mini. Scrunchies. Need we say more?

8Urban Outfitters Scarlett Bow Scrunchie

Urban Outfitters bow scrunchie

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We love this unexpected color combo.

9Lovers + Friends Scrunchie

Lovers + Friends scrunchie

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Floral print scrunchies are majorly trending right now.

10Kitsch Matte Velvet Scrunchies

Kitsch velvet scrunchies

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Velvet? Check. Shades of millennial pink? Check. We’ll take them all.

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